Legislation of Bulgaria is based on EU rules (Member of the EU from 2007). Bulgaria has adopted the most popular EU Directives (on VAT, Interests & Royalties, Parent Subsidiary, etc.).

At the same time Bulgaria keeps the lowest Corporate Income Tax rate in the European Union 10%. After Cyprus raised up its income tax flat rate to 12,5%, Bulgaria’s 10% rate is now officially the lowest in EU.

Distribution of dividends to private persons and non-resident entities is subject to 5% withholding tax only. Wile EU resident shareholders enjoy 0% withholding tax rate as per EU Parent Subsidiary Directive.


  • Lowest Corporate Income Tax in EU 10%
  • Share capital BGN 2 (about EUR 1)
  • Directors and Shareholders can be residents of any country
  • Company registration can be done remotely (in this case Director must certify his signature at the notary)
  • Use nominee Director and Shareholder services
  • Register VAT easily
  • Obtain Tax Resident Certificate

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