The EU Blue Card is designed to attract the highly educated to the European Union.

Do you have a higher education qualification and you want to work in the European Union?

    The EU Blue Card Scheme is the EU’s equivalent of the United States ‘green card’ scheme. It has been put in place to make it easier and more attractive for highly intelligent and educated people from elsewhere to live and work in the EU.


• A higher education qualification;

• And a contract or binding offer of work in Europe then you may be eligible for a Blue Card. Once you have one, a Blue Card entitles you to work anywhere in the EU (apart from Denmark, the Republic of Ireland and the United Kingdom).


• The same working conditions and pay as EU citizens;

• The right to bring close family members to live with you;

• The prospect of permanent resident status in the EU;

• Attractive rates of pay – different countries have different rules as to minimum pay for Blue Card holders but the EU Blue Card directive suggests that Blue Card holders should get a salary of at least 1.5 times the national average.

If you get a job, your new employer will give you a contract or a letter containing a binding offer. You can then apply for your EU Blue Card either from the immigration authorities in the country where you will be working or from the consulate in your home country.

The Blue Card is a fast track scheme. If you supply the correct documentation with your application, you should have your card within one month.

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