Investments of at least 25 000 Lats (Euro 36 000) should be made into equity of a limited liability company.

–  The Residence Permit application can be filed and approved with minimum equity contribution of LVL 25,000 (Euro 36 000);

– LVL 20,000 (EUR 28 000) must be paid in taxes every next year;

– The Residence Permit is issued for 5 years with extension required at the end of one year;

– IF you increase the investment in equity to LVL 100,000 (Euro 143,000) before the expiry of one year, then extension will be provided without any additional conditions.

– Those investing LVL 100,000 at the intial stage do not need to pay any tax.

You can use this option by investment in a new entity or by investment in equity (at least LVL 25 000) of already operating company.

We offer a full turn-key company formation service which includes:

  • Company formation
  • Ready-made shelf companies to speed-up of business establishment
  • Accounting services
  • Opening of company bank accounts
  • Nominee directors for your company
  • Virtual and real office services

Company formation process has to be done properly, with a thorough attention to details during company formation or purchase.

We specialize in the intricate field of company formation and we have the knowledge to ensure that the company formation process runs smoothly from start to finish.

We can register limited liability companies, branches or joint-stock companies to run your business.

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Other services:

Market Development, & Sales Management

Sales Administration & Credit control management

Marketing research & documentation

Public & Customer Relations,

Cost effective administration of factory / regional office / sales depots .

Material procurement, stores, billing & despatches, logistic support etc

General administration,Employee welfare, conflict management & public relations.

Corporate Social Responsibility, Rural Development & Social Marketing

Socio-economic development of people and villages located in the vicinity of key business

Skills of pro-active interface between organisation, political, govt/ local administration for trouble shooting, conflict management.

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