Sanemto, it’s partners using customer insights and EU provided statistics has made research regarding how Schengen VISA’s are issued. Below you can find statistical data. If you are interested to receive more information or statistics please contact us at

Statistics about business (C) schengen VISAS

Top 5 countries which have best success rate (most less rejections) for Schengen VISA:

Nr. Country Rejections
1 LATVIA 0.86%
2 ICELAND 0.92%
4 GREECE 1.15%
5 SLOVAKIA 1.24%

During the research we also found that VISA in countries like Lithuania and Latvia is in many case used to travel across the Europe and not only reside in Baltic’s.


Top 5 countries which have worst success rate (most less rejections) for Schengen VISA:

Nr. Country Rejections
1 BELGIUM 16.38%
2 SWEDEN 9.84%
3 France 9.34%
4 NORWAY 9.31%
5 MALTA 8.38%

Why Latvia and Lithuania is used as the bridge to Europe?

During investigation we have found the reasons why our partners across world are using Latvia and Lithuania Schengen VISA for their customers to issue VISA’s for Schengen Area:

  • high success rate – to be sure their customer will receive VISA (only people with criminal path are rejected)
  • customer focused approach – search for individual solutions, propose opportunities in other countries if their are better
  • low issue costs – invitation and virtual business running costs are very low comparing to other countries
  • clear and fast respond on customer request – whether VISA will be issued or not, and what is legal reason for not issuing VISA
  • special program for multi-visa available (contact us at


Data research is based on:

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 Countries which requires VISA in Europe for travel:




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